Day: May 23, 2020

My Complete List of SHOPIFY APPS. (People have been asking…)

I’m here again today with a common question I’ve been getting over the past week. You guys REALLY want to know what apps I use to run my Shopify dropshipping and private label stores. For reference my store has done about $145k in revenue (40% profit margin) in the past 30 days. I am going to order […]

Facebook Ads Optimization Blueprint (Complete Guide)

FUNDAMENTALS OF AD ACCOUNT OPTIMIZATION There are 3 overarching pillars to optimizing an ad account. Campaign Level Optimization Ad Set Level Optimization Ad Level Optimization Sound familiar? If you have any experience creating FB Ads in ads manager, the 3 pillars will seem suspiciously familiar to the 3 steps of ad creation. It is true; we are going […]

My Consistent Launch Strategy ($140 budget)

LAUNCH STRATEGY 2020 I’ve launched or help launch 3 stores with strategy in the past few months and they all did at least $5k revenue in the first week. It’s actually pretty simple… because the reason for success really comes down to the data analysis and actions you take…not necessarily what your campaign structure is […]